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Personal Study Plan

Personal Study Plan

The Haaga-Helia International Business students personalise their study paths through several ways. By choosing their own specialisation out of the four options students strengthen their global business knowledge and skills to the direction they prefer. The following four different specialisations offered are:

  • Global Customer Relationship Management and Communication
  • Financial Management for Global Business
  • Global Supply Chain Management  
  • Human Resource Management for Global Business

The aims of the specialisation studies are to deepen students’ competencies in a certain area of global business and increase students’ skills to recognise the key components of their chosen specialisation vital for a high performance company.

The scope of the specialisation studies is in total 39 credit points and out of this out of this 6 credit points are reserved for the joint course “Strategic Views on Global Business” in the 7th semester.

Students make a binding choice for their specialisation during their 3rd semester by choosing their first and second priority. The specialisation tracks to be implemented depend on the majority choices. If the student’s first choice is not implemented, then the student is directed to his/her second choice.

The topic and process of the bachelor’s thesis commissioned by a business organisation offer also excellent opportunities to build up own individual study path. In addition, the selection of free-choice and language studies are useful ways to acquire specific competences needed in global business.

Students’ possible prior studies, if applicable to the Haaga-Helia International Business curriculum, are considered and credited when the personal study plans are made.