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Recommended Study Schedule 2014, Degree Programme in Information Systems Management

Recommended Study Schedule 2014, Degree Programme in Information Systems Management

Haaga-Helia's Master's Degree Programmes are being renewed for the application in Spring 2019. Degree Programme in Information System Management will be renewed and called Degree Programme in Business Technologies starting in autumn 2019.

The student makes a personal study plan including the schedule for the courses in the beginning of the studies. The target study time is set between 1,5 and 3 years (3 to 6 semesters).

The following table presents an example of balanced schedule of the studies when the study time is set to 2 years. The table provides a starting point for the planning of the studies and it may be adjusted according to the student’s interests and needs. Especially the courses of Elective advanced professional studies and Free-choice studies can be scheduled in any semester. Note also that recognised and accredited competencies (AHOT) may affect the planning of the study time and schedule.

The thesis work typically spans several semesters. In the table the work is split to three phases but in practice the work often involves a lot of iteration and the phases are overlapping heavily. However, the credits from the thesis work can be granted in several pieces if it is agreed in the personal development plan.

The study schedule below is for students who have started the studies in 2014- spring 2019.

  1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester
Thesis   Thesis-planning (5) Thesis-implementing (10) Thesis- reporting (15)
Work development methods Applied Research and Development (5) Tools for Analysing and Forecasting (5)    
  Project Management (5)      
Leadership and work community Leadership Communication (5) Strategy in Practice (5) Leading Change (5)  
ISM specific advanced professional studies ICT Management Best Practices (5) Aligning ICT and Business (5)   Service Management Best Practices (5)
Elective advanced professional studies   An elective course (5) An elective course (5)  
Free-choice studies     A free-choice course (5)