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Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Haaga campus

Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Haaga campus

NOTE: No new students intake year 2014! New Degree Programme (DP in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management) starting fall 2014 at Haaga Campus.

Degree Programme in a Nutshell | Profile of the Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management | Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme | Professional growth | Annual themes | Curriculum

Degree Programme in a Nutshell

Degree: Bachelor of Hospitality Management and the Finnish title of restonomi (AMK)
Degree level: Bachelor's degree
Extent of the DP: 210 ECTS
Duration of the DP: 3.5 years
Study mode: Full-time day programme
Programme requirements: 3,5 years studies (the studies will be contacted in Study Modules: some in class, on-job learning or virtually), work placement, bachelor’s thesis & maturity test
General arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning:

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Act of Polytechnics 932/2014 25 §

Admission requirements:
Access to further study:

Profile of the Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

Degree Programme in the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management has four corner-stones of  studies: working-life orientation, business management, aesthetics and internationality. They are integrated into all study modules.

Working-life orientation
Studies are firmly linked to working-life in the combination of theory and practice. The working life orientation provides the student with a good and realistic insight into the industry and creates a solid basis for the career path. The research and development methodology will create chances for innovative job opportunities already during the studies. Research & Development and the innovative approach is part of the learning through working-life. It trains the students’ skills to seek and apply information in a critical and analytical manner.

Business management
Students improve their managerial aptitude via studies in management, accounting, marketing and communications. They will learn to understand the economic thinking behind all business operations. The holistic managerial perspective will increase the skills for developing business operations.

Aesthetic nature
The competitive and growth potential within the industry are inter-related with aesthetics and experience. A graduate in hotel, restaurant and tourism management has developed the analytical and practical skills required to create aesthetic, desirable and memorable services, products, communications and circumstances, which differ from those of competitors. The study programs introduce the students to service design, food design and concept design of hotels. In terms of service design students have a firm grip on customer processes and learn to understand the added value of aesthetics and experience to both the customer and the business.

The studies embrace language and culture courses, which contribute to international skills. In addition to Finland´s second language (Swedish) all students study at least one other foreign language. Students are members of an international and multicultural university of applied sciences. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences/ Haaga campus also conducts teaching in co-operation with universities abroad and is an active member of many international organizations. Students have opportunities to take part in student exchange in Europe, Asia and South or North-America. Student may complete international studies in e.g.:

- double degree programs
- student exchange programs
- work placements abroad
- study trips
- international studies in Finland or abroad.

Get to know DP in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management learning environment in detail.

Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme

The student will develop a solid understanding of customer-oriented and profitable operation within the various sectors of hospitality and tourism management. The student learns how to put skills into practical use to boost business within the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry and other areas.

The studies will provide the student with an extensive professional outlook and logical skills. Bachelor graduates develop careers within the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in management positions, as entrepreneurs, as specialists or in sales or Research & Development positions ( R & D).

Professional Growth

The student's professional growth is progressing towards developing expertise. Each academic year has priorities that support the student's professional growth (see Student's professional development below). Students are encouraged to reflect on their own professional orientation.

Annual Themes

At the beginning of the studies the emphasis is on the development of basic professional skills. During the first academic year students will learn the basic skills and expertise required by the hotel and restaurant industry. The theory base is supported by basic and professional work placement. The themes of the first year are service skills, operational business environment and customer relations management.

In the second year the emphasis is on observing, understanding and researching the industry. The student will learn practical management skills. During the second year students are offered flexible forms of completing their courses. The themes of the second year are commercial business skills, entrepreneurship and supervisory skills. The student will combine and implement the studied theory base in the advanced work placement.
In the third year studies are focused on company and organizational strategic management and profitable business operations. The third year study themes are financial competence, management and business development. Students will acquire industry-related special skills via optional advanced level studies. In the bachelor thesis the student shows his/her aptitude for conceptual learning and understanding complicated phenomena in a way which will be beneficial for a company or an organization within the industry

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