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Career Prospects, Degree Programme in Experience and Wellness Management

Career Prospects, Degree Programme in Experience and Wellness Management

Experience and Wellness have been identified as the economies of the future. This innovative programme will generate career opportunities in leisure and tourism industry.

Every day hundreds of businesses go looking for a 'champion', someone who the competences and confidence to make things happen. When you graduate, you are expected to be one of those champions - a champion in Experience and Wellness management.

With the daily evolution and dynamic nature of the Experience and Wellness management arena, new business niches that present employment and career opportunities for qualified graduates are created every day.

Graduates of this programme are expected to find, but are not limited to, employment in the following markets:

› Destinations      › Entertainment
› Cities      › Media
› Resorts      › Cruise Lines
› Spas      › Aviation
› Wellness Centers      › Events
› Sport & Fitness      › Arts and Culture
› Stadiums      › Retail
› Casinos      › Charities
› HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes)      › Consultancy or Own Business
› Attractions (e.g. museums, national parks, theme parks)      › and other similar

International Opportunities
Students can go for ERASMUS programme in our international partners, and can do their Working Placements abroad in destinations such as Paris, Macau, Dubai, Las Vegas, etc. Check International Haaga-Helia

Career Counselling

During the programme students receive career counselling.