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Structure, Content and Extent of the Degree Programme

Structure, Content and Extent of the Degree Programme

The Degree Programme consists of core studies, professional studies, free-choice studies, work placement and the bachelor's thesis.

Finnish students have to complete one semester abroad either as an exchange student or in a work placement.

* If Swedish is not one of the two main languages, the student has to study two other main languages. In this case, compulsory Swedish studies (Basic Business Swedish 5cr: written part 2,5cr and Basic Business Swedish spoken part 2,5cr) are included in his/her compulsory core studies. Hence, the amount of core studies is 60 credits and  the number of free-choice credits is 18.


Degree Programme in Business Service Solutions and Languages, foreign students** ECTS
Core studies 55
     Compulsory core studies 50
     Elective language studies (1 language) 5
Professional studies 82
     Compulsory professional studies 62
     Elective language studies (1 language à 10 cr) 10
     Specialised professional studies 10
Free-choice studies 28
Work Placement 30
Bachelor's thesis 15
                                                                                                            Total 210