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Study Profiles

Study Profiles

Digital Services

  • Digital service professionals operate in the middle ground between business operations and software development.
  • They have the ability to understand the needs of both the business organisation and the end users.
  • A holistic understanding of the customer value creation process is one of the key skills.
  • In addition, they have the ability to formulate and communicate requirements in a way that facilitates communication between software developers and business professionals.
  • Their task is to ensure that the digital solution developed is the most suitable and cost-effective solution available and that it responds to a real need.


Software Development

  • Software development experts can specify, design and implement applications according to customer requirements, including traditional business software, online services based on an application, packaged retail software products sold online and offline, multimedia products and games, to mention a few.
  • They have the ability to identify the most suitable software development methods and tools for each project.
  • They also understand the role of testing, quality assurance and project management in a successful software project.


ICT Infrastructures

  • ICT infrastructure and security professionals work in various organisations that use IT systems and network services.
  • They are involved in the development, deployment and maintenance of business IT solutions.
  • They are also able to lead expert projects and teams.
  • They utilise and produce IT services that serve the business environment and are responsible for system solutions and for the reliable, cost-effective and secure operation of the associated networks.


Business and ICT

  • Business ICT experts develop enterprises' business processes and service processes by utilising information technologies.
  • They source IT solutions for business use; evaluate the suitability, usability and security of solutions; and participate in their integration and deployment in the organisation.
  • Business ICT experts often act as change agents in the introduction of new software and ICT services.
  • They have knowledge of different information management models and frameworks of reference.