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Information Collection and Analysis

Information Collection and Analysis

Code: MET1SD003

Extent: 5 ECTS

Timing: Semesters 2 & 3

Language: English

Level: Professional studies

Type: Compulsory  


Starting level and linkage with other courses:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Information Retrieval and Evaluation


Learning outcomes

The course provides the basic skills for planning a Bachelor’s thesis. The student is aware of different types of theses. Based on the requirements of thesis, the student is able to plan a research or development project. The student learns the methods used to collect and analyse data for research and development project. The student is able to choose the most suited research and project management method and apply it in the thesis project. The student is able to understand the requirements of ethical working methods.


Course contents

  • Project and research types
  • Research ethics
  • The role of a theoretical frame of reference in research
  • Creating a thesis plan
  • Empirical data collection methods
  • Principles of questionnaire design


Cooperation with the business community

The capabilities are assessed as a part of the real-life working projects and during thesis process.


Teacher(s) responsible

Teacher tutors; Markus Arvaja, Pasi Mustonen, Tomi Paalanen, Mika Vähälummukka


Course materials