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Finnish Language and Culture

Finnish Language and Culture

Code: COA1SD001

Extent: 3 ECTS

Timing: Semester 1

Language: English/ Finnish

Level: Basics

Type: Obligatory for international students

Starting level and linkage with other courses: No prerequisites.


Learning outcomes for the student

The student has the basic knowledge of Finnish language in order to cope in simple everyday situations and to continue studying Finnish independently. In addition the student gets a general overview of the Finnish history, society, culture and the way of life.

Course contents

Introduction to the Finnish language, the basic grammar (case system, verb types, consonant gradation), everyday vocabulary, phrases and conversations. Basics of the Finnish culture.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning is a process whereby, through assessment, credit is given to learning which has already been acquired in different ways, e.g.  with earlier studies or working experience. RPL gives  a student an opportunity to demonstrate his/her knowledge and skills.  A student displays with the competence demonstration that s/he manages the course objectives and contents mentioned in the course description. It is possible to participate in the competence demonstration only once before taking the course. A competence demonstration is assessed on the scale pass/fail.

Teacher(s) responsible

Sirpa Hänninen

Course materials

Suomen mestari 1 and additional material provided by the teacher.