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e-Signals – Haaga-Helia online publications service

e-Signals is Haaga-Helia’s new online publishing platform where you can find blog posts, articles on current phenomena and scientific publications by our specialists. The purpose of the service is to concentrate all the publications at Haaga-Helia to a single online platform and to make Haaga-Helia’s expertise visible among the staff and students as well as outside Haaga-Helia.

All texts published at e-Signals will go through an editorial process and the editor reserves the right to publish them. If your text has been published at e-Signals you can apply for a publication fee as well.

e-Signals provides content from Haaga-Helia’s areas of expertise in an interesting and effective manner. Go to e-Signals >>

Open access in Haaga-Helia

Haaga-Helia has published open access principles in 2016. The principles are as follows:

  1. Haaga-Helia  requires from its employees that the results of RDI activities will always be published openly whenever it does not conflict with the financier, partners or the publisher's terms and conditions.
  2. The results of RDI will be issued in publications that meet the criteria of a publication channel set by Ministry of Education and Culture. Author of the publication selects the appropriate publication channel and will try to maintain parallel recording rights when making a publishing agreement.
  3. Articles by Haaga-Helia staff that are primarily published in scientific journals, journal series, conference publications and other published collections will be parallel recorded to Theseus publication archives unless the terms and conditions of the publisher or third-party owner dictate otherwise.