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Polycom HDX 9000 Video Conference

Polycom HDX 9000 Video Conference

Answering a Video Call

The Polycom HDX system can answer incoming calls in one of these ways

  • The system prompts you to answer the calls manually.
    • Press Call on the remote control.
  • The system answers incoming calls automatically.
    • If your system is set up to automatically answer calls, the call connects automatically.

Placing a Video Call

You can use your system to place a video call in any of these ways

  • Entering a name or number
  • Choosing a site from
    • The Recent Calls list
    • The Contacts or Speed Dial list
    • The directory

Calling by Entering a Name or Number

1. In the dialing field, enter the dialing information. Depending on the capabilities of your system and the system you are calling, the dialing information will look like one of these samples:

  • (IP address—include the dots)
  • 2555 (E.164 extension)
  • AscotRoom (H.323 name)
  • (DNS name)

2. Enter any additional information needed for the call. The available settings depend on the type of call and your system’s configuration. Not all calls require these settings:

  • Call Quality – Specify the call rate or call type for this call. For most calls, choose Auto to let the system determine the best quality for the call.
  • Extension – If you need to dial an extension (E.164 address), enter the extension in the second entry field. If your system is not configured with a second entry field, you can enter the extension when the gateway prompts you. You can also specify characters in the dial string as instructed by the system administrator.

3. Press Call on the remote control to place the call.
Call progress indicators appear on the screen to show that the call is in progress. When the indicators turn green, the call is connected.

Using the Remote Control

You use the remote control (picture in PDF form) (picture in PDF form) to place calls, adjust the volume, navigate screens, and select options. If you need to enter text, you can press number buttons using the text-entry method commonly used with cell phones. For example, to enter “b”, press the number 2 button twice. Alternatively, you can press Keyboard and use the onscreen keyboard to enter text.

Functions of Polycom HDX 9000 remote control