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Research for Profit - InnoBoost

Research for Profit - InnoBoost

The project will build a process for Haaga-Helia, which identifies the innovation potential from research results and early-stage business ideas and which transfers the potential innovations forward on the commercialization path so that the go-to-market time can be substantially shortened.


It will develop a network of professionals to encourage the development of innovation, stimulate the creation of ideas, and drive a culture of innovation within the organization and to identify those within the organization that become the 'go-to' individuals for all innovation enquiries.

Target market and users

Support is provided not only to innovations from within Haaga-Helia but also from external sources, such as other research organizations, SMEs and business incubators in the area.


Project manager: Minna-Maari Harmaala
Duration: 1.1.-31.12.2017
Funding: Tekes