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Tekes funded CITYZER project develops new digital services and products to support decision making processes related to weather and air quality in cities. This includes early warnings and forecasts (0-24 h), which allow avoiding weather-related accidents, mitigate human distress and reduce costs from weather-related damage and bad air quality, and generally improve the resilience and safety of the society. The developed services will be scalable (most common platforms) and responsive.

Target market and users

The key target groups of the services and products are B-to-B public sector, real estate and energy companies and distributors. In collaboration with local research partners the relevant business models will be analyzed and developed in the target markets Brazil, India and China.  Local service models will be developed to accommodate the needs of different areas and customers. The project is also building a demo case service pilot to the Helsinki area for HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority).

The key research outcomes are

  • user profiling
  • market assessment in key markets with key target groups
  • development and mapping of the possible viable business models in the local markets



Project website:

Research coordinator: Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences
Project manager: Tiina Laiho
Duration: 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2018
Partners: Tampere university, Finnish meterological institute, Vaisala, Pegasor, Sasken, Emtele, Click innovation, local research partners in local markets
Funding: Tekes