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The Box

The Box

The Box is a cross-disciplinary project developing sensory-stimulating technologies for service design, marketing and product development. Its aim is to help investors and operators in the hospitality and tourism industries improve service experiences and increase customer value.

The project team will utilize different technologies to create chromatic atmospheres in commercial settings between January 2nd and June 30th, 2016. These atmospheres will make use of our existing knowledge in Soundscape, Psychoacoustic, Olfactory Stimulation, Haptic Feedback and Augmented (mixed) reality. Beginning in a small-scale imagineering laboratory setting on the Haaga-Helia campus, the concept will move to hotel rooms at Best Western Hotel Haaga, in which customers can modify certain atmospherics, and finally to a portable unit that can be applied to conference rooms, hotel lobbies and other similar environments.

In addition to interviews, video and other traditional methods of observation, the team will make use of eMotiv and V1bes for psychophysiological measurement to draw deeper conclusions on how perceived value can be increased.

For 16 months, the team will also partner with researchers at three distinguished educational institutions: Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Algarve and Hotelschool The Hague. Industry partners include Pixoi, Flik Media Group, Fantasiaworks, Metos, Hotel Haaga, CMB.

Project webpage:​​

Coordinator: Haaga-Helia
Project manager: Pasi Tuominen
Duration: 2.1.2016 – 30.6.2018
Partners: Universidad do Algarve, Hotelschool the Hague, Manchester Metropolitan University, Tekes, Flik, Pixoi, Fantasia Works, Metos, Sinebrychoff, Pinto, CMB Ravintolat
Funder: Tekes, Pixoi, Flik Media Group, Fantasiaworks, Metos, Hotel Haaga, CMB restaurants, Sinebrychoff ja Pinto Design