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How to Apply for Finnish Personal Identity Code

How to Apply for Finnish Personal Identity Code

All international exchange students who do not have a Finnish personal identity code, have to apply for it before their arrival or register at the local registry office after their arrival to Finland to apply for one. Normally ESN-Helga tutors will help take you to register to the local registry office during the orientation to apply for the code. Students who have to apply for residence permit (i.e. non-EU/non-EEA citizens) before their arrival to Finland should ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System when they apply for their first residence permit. This way they will receive a Finnish personal identity code at the same time as they are issued with the permit. More information on this for residence permit applicants is available at

How to apply for the Finnish personal identity code in Finland

You have to apply for the personal identity code from the local registry office of the city where you are living in. For information on the location of your local registry office, please see

Before visiting your local registry offce, fill in the Registration information of a foreigner form . Remember to take with you the Registration information of a foreigner form and your following documents when you return the application to your local registry;

  • passport (or other ID)
  • Haaga-Helia certificate of attandance (included in your welcome envelope which you will receive normally from your tutor during your pick-up)

For more information on the registration of foreign citizens, please see

Please note that it can take approximately 4 weeks to get the code. After you have received the personal identification code, remember to inform it to the International Services. Universities are obliged to collect the code for admistritative purposes. You also need it if you wish to apply for the electronic student union card. The International Office will instruct you on how to inform the code. For security reasons, do not inform the code to us by email. For residence permit holders, the code (your birth date + xxxx, e.g. 29.10.1990 - xxxx) will be marked in your residence permit card (see picture below).

Please save your personal identity code for yourself after your departure from Finland, in case you return to Finland in the future and might need it.