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StartUp School - Find Your Strenghts

StartUp School - Find Your Strenghts


Course name: Find your strengths
Code: WOR8HH032
Scope: 5 ECTS
Timing: 1.-7. Semester
Language: English and Finnish
Course level: Professional Studies (or Free-choice)
Course type: Elective (or Free-choice)

Details of implementation and enrollment, please, see


Starting level and linkage with other courses

No requirements


Learning objectives and assessment

Student finds and analyses his/her personal values, interests, passions and strengths. Student analyses skills and competences and clarifies her/his future track of a professional career point of view. Career can be self-employment, employment of an organisation or creates a business idea. Student learns self-management manners and recognises development areas of her personal skills.


Course assessment is on a scale of 1 to 5. The assessment criteria is on scale 1-3-5.

Grade 1

    Finds personal values, interests, passions and strengths

    Recognises development areas and creates a development plan


Grade 3

    Can reflect of her/his learning

    Can develop independently her/his professional career or business idea

    Understands importance of ongoing self-development of professional succeed


Grade 5

    Recognises her/his strengths and knows how to develop them independently

    Evaluates of her/his self-development critically and acts accordingly

    Student learns principals of coaching and helps other students of their own development areas


Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)
Accreditation of prior learning is applied on the course according to separate instructions. Please contact


Internationality is visible through the course and the assignments.



The objective of the course is to develop student’s self-knowledge and self-management skills.
Teacher(s) tailors the content of the course according to competences and development areas of the students.
While working in groups student learns more about how to enlarge and utilise his/hers own network. At the same time student gets familiar with coaching process.

Content can be as follows:
Identifying personal strengths
Understanding personal motivation and values behind motivation
Improving self-management skills and development areas
Developing self-knowledge
Learning better interaction methods


Learning methods
This course will be implemented as group coaching methods. Teacher will give directions and acts as a facilitator.

Course includes mandatory self-learning assessments.


Assessment methods are several assignments and activity of the group coaching sessions.


Course teacher(s)
Maria Haukka

Elina Iloranta

Päivi Williams

Learning materials
Learning materials that support competence development in this section are in Moodle.