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Innovation and Project Work

Innovation and Project Work
  • Code: PRO1TF001
  • Scope: 10 credit units (270 h)       
  • Timing: 2nd semester
  • Language: Finnish, English
  • Course level: Basic
  • Course type: Compulsory

Learning objectives
After completing the course, the student is able to act responsibly and pro-actively in group work. Students are able to apply the methods of brainstorming creative innovation development activities, as well as customer- and solution-oriented. Students are able to introduce an innovative product, using visual aids. Students can perform and build solutions according to given concepts and carry out implementation phase of the project.

Students are familiar with project management practices and they are able to prioritize project goals and project related tasks. They can manage tasks of project organizations for preparing the project. The student knows the most important practices of project communication and they are able to act responsibly with the different parties and to tell a convincing progress of the project. The course learning objectives will be achieved mainly through exercises and group work.

The course is based on the issues or subjects put forward by the visiting companies. The ideas are being developed in groups of innovation, and the development of innovation is controlled in accordance with good project working methods. Project Communication is mainly based innovative groups and project work.

  • Innovation: concepts, steps and requirements, brainstorming and analysis methods for user-centered approach including aids for structuring ideas
  • Conceptualization: definition of the concept and describing, presenting and testing and the releasing 
  • Project stakeholders and the organization's responsibilities, evaluation and definition of the scope of the project, project risks and their anticipation
  • Project management: preparation of the project, design, control and finalizing the project. The project management templates and project management tools
  • Project communication: interaction of the project team, project reporting and documentation, project meetings

Starting Level and linkage with other courses
No prerequisites

Grade 1
Familiar with innovative methods, to outline the core elements of innovation, as well as to know the main features of the innovation project. Familiar with project management methods and identify project stakeholders and the project team responsibilities of the project task and communication.

Grade 3
The student is familiar with the basic concepts of innovation activities and he/she is able to choose methods to solve practical problems. The student can identify the stages of innovation and is able to work in the innovation project team member. He/she Can select a suitable project control practice to distribute the project task in suitable work projects, manage responsibly the tasks assigned to themselves and to communicate smoothly with the project stakeholders, as well as showing interest in the project to develop the control and communications tasks.

Grade 5
The student is familiar with innovation concepts and knows how to apply methods to solve practical problems, innovation steps and requirements. He/she is able to implement and manage the project's user-focused innovation. The student is capable to improve innovation process and project practices in his/her community.

Working life connections
Innovation operations are examined from the perspective of the visiting companies or R&D- projects. Companies or R&D projects members will present their own innovative activities as well as innovation and ideas for themes in its area. Groups of students will select and pick up the presented case or they can present own topic. Companies or R&D projects may be presented during the course. The results of the topics will be presented in the end of the course.

Lectures and related exercises, partly network implementation
Work in the project or any other project participation
Examination and / or assignment (s)

Learning methods
This course learning outcomes can be achieved in the following ways:
Lectures and related exercises daily Intensive and multi-mode options available
Work in the project or any other project participation
Own work-based learning

Responsible teachers
Innovations: Ari Alamäki, Lili Aunimo, Tiina Koskelainen, Ohto Rainio, Teemu Ruohonen and Tuomo Ryynänen
Projects: Jukka Mutikainen, Anne Valsta, Pekka Kamaja and Outi Virkki
Communications: Pilvi Heinonen and Tarja Paasi-May