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Successful Event

Successful Event

Code: MAR3LF005
Extent: 6 ECTS (162 h)
Timing: Semester 5 - 7
Language: English
Level: Professional specialisation studies
Type: Compulsory to those chosen MARLF2 Global Customer Relationships Management and Communication as their specialisation.


The student has successfully completed the GloBBA Basic and Joint Professional Studies. The course is part of the module of Global Customer Relationship Management and Communication.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student

  • understands the importance of interaction and participation in making the various stakeholders committed to the organisation and the brand.
  • knows the role and purpose of events at various levels of business operations.
  • plans and implements a successful event from the perspective of the event purpose and objectives, as well as from the viewpoint of integrated corporate communications.
  • masters project management skills needed for event planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • analyses and evaluates the event planning process and outcome from the perspective of success.
  • is able to  compare relevant sources and models at an advanced level.
  • applies relevant theories to practical contexts.
  • combines relevant theories and the student’s own ideas to formulate new models.
  • applies problem identification, analysis and solving to event planning and implementation.
  • works successfully with a client organisation in a multicultural team
  • has enhanced his/her HH3S competences as applicable to the course.

Course contents

  • Role and purpose of events at various levels in business (fairs, seminars, exhibitions, other events)
  • Event planning process
  • Event implementation
  • Working effectively in the event organisation
  • Event evaluation
  • Project management of events

Cooperation with the business community

Guest speakers, event plan and implementation for an international client organisation.

International dimension

Projects for international companies.

Teaching and learning methods

Contact lessons
Workshops for practical event planning
Event implementation
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

Accreditation of prior learning

Accreditation of prior leaning (APL) is observed on the course according to separate instructions.

Teachers with the main responsibility for the course

Anne Korkeamäki
Anna Hankimaa

Course materials

Fill, Chris 2009. Marketing Communications: Interactivity, Communities and Content. 5th edition. Pearson Education. Harlow.
Matthews, Doug 2008. Special Event Production. The Process. Butterworth-Heinemann
De Pelsmacker, Patrick; Geuens, Maggie and van den Bergh, Joeri 2010. Marketing Communications: A European Perspective.4th edition. Pearson Education. Harlow.
the e-book : The Sponsorship Handbook 

Assessment criteria

Grade/Learning Outcomes

1 (Min. 40%
competence level)
3 (Min. 70%
competence level)
5 (Min. 90%
competence level)
Knowledge The student has an understanding of the basic elements involved in event planning and implementation and basic understanding of corporate communication terms and the minimum understanding of the definitions of these terms. The student has a good general understanding of what is involved in event planning and implementation overall and adequate understanding of this perspective in relation to event purpose and outcome along with the relationship to corporate communications activities. He/she understands the theory well. The student understands the planning and implementation process of an event, from the perspective of the event purpose/objectives and integrated corporate communications. He/she can appreciate and understand in depth the specific event management risks and risk management concepts. He/she has a highly developed understanding of theory.
Skills The student has a basic understanding of the project management skills employed during the event management process (planning, coordination, tasks etc.). The student is capable of selecting the appropriate tools required to achieve success in the planning and implementation and post-project phases of a specific event in order to meet the goals and objectives of that event. The student has advanced skills and understanding of how to select, implement and evaluate the tools required and excellent skills to choose the tools/methods by the situation and objective.
Competence The students is able to participate in the event management planning process and to  complete it with the help of a supervisor. The student shows poor service and sales orientation as required by the HH3S policy. The student is able to independently contribute to the event management process with limited supervision. The student shows good service and sales orientation as required by the HH3S policy. The student is capable of managing independently some elements of the event management process and can make a significant contribution to the whole process with limited guidance and supervision. The student shows excellent service and sales orientation as required by the HH3S policy.

Modes of assessment and their weights

Active participation & presence 20%
Project 40%
Exam 40%

The assessment of one's own learning does not influence the course grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed on an E-form.