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Cloud Service Technologies

Cloud Service Technologies

Code: ICT4TF024
Scope: 5cr (135h)
Timing: 4th semester
Language: English
Course level:  Profile studies
Course type:  Elective

Starting Level and linkage with other courses

Student has completed the course Orientation to ICT Infrastructures and Server Technologies

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to

  • understand the cloud service implementation technologies and principles
  • knows the services contract practices
  • evaluate and choose the company’s cloud service solutions
  • knows how to use and manage Cloud Services

Course content

Topic areas covering the course project work:

  • Cloud Services Technologies, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Implementation architectures and technologies
  • Service offering and terms of use
  • Server virtualization and application virtualization
  • Server Technologies and storage technologies
  • Deployment and Management of Cloud Services

Working life connections

Guest lectures are organized if feasible.

Accreditation of prior learning (APL)

Accreditation of prior learning (APL) is observed on the course according to separate instructions.


Accepted course is evaluated with grades 1 to 5.

Grade 1 (40%)

  • Is able to perceive the Cloud Technologies key elements of services of the use and management in the point of view.
  • Is familiar with the concepts of Cloud Services.

Grade 3 (70%)

  • Knows the service concepts well
  • Is familiar with service agreements (SLA)
  • Knows the use of technology and management requirements.

Grade 5 (90%)

  • Knows the service concepts and service technologies very well.
  • Knows very well how to deploy, use and manage Cloud Service Technologies.


All course material is provided in English. Possible guest lecturers from international companies.

Teaching and learning methods

  • Project work and lectures, OR
  • Working life project or any other project participation

The assessment of one's own learning does not influence the course grade. The assignment is the same for all courses or modules and the answers will also be used for course or module development. The assignment is completed on an electronic form.

Course material

  • The course web pages
  • Online material

Teacher(s) responsible

Olavi Korhonen