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Business ICT Skills

Business ICT Skills

Code: ICT1LF101
Scope: 5 ECTS
Timing: semester 1
Language: English
Curriculum: GLOBBA16
Course level: Basic Studies
Course type: compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses
No prerequisites.

Learning outcomes
You acquire such a toolkit of ICT skills and knowledge that gives you a solid foundation to succeed in your studies and business situations. You use successfully Haaga-Helia’s ICT and e-learning environment and its various offerings in your studies. You design, implement and present a slide show. You utilize various document standards including Haaga-Helia’s guidelines for reporting and assignment writing with given templates. You use spreadsheet computing for various types of calculations, reporting, data analysis (such as charts, sort and filtering, Pivot tables etc.). You portray, model and visualize business processes. Additionally, you integrate information and data between Office programs.


  •  Haaga-Helia’s ICT environment
  •  Haaga-Helia’s e-learning environment
  •  Windows operating system and user interface
  •  overview of MS Office and shared office tools
  •  MS PowerPoint for presentations graphics
  •  MS Word for report and assignment writing
  •  MS Excel for spreadsheet computing
  •  MS Visio for business process portray and description
  •  integrated usage of MS Office programs

Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)
If you have acquired the required competence in previous work tasks, recreational activities or on another course, you can show the competence with a demonstration and progress faster through your studies. More information and instructions for RPL are available at MyNet.

Cooperation with the business community
Knowledge and skills of included solutions and software applied are essential in the toolkit of contemporary business professional.

Assignments and exercises will make use of international examples and elements.

Course formats
Contact and distant sessions or educationalisation.

Students' performance is graded on the following scale: Excellent (5), Very good (4), Good (3), Satisfactory (2), Fair (1), Fail (0).
Link to the joint assessment grid. The assessment of one’s own learning.

Course Teachers
Miikka Mäkelä, Tiina Siilasto

Learning materials
Materials to be announced in the implementation plan.