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HR Legislation

HR Legislation

Code: HRM3LF106
Extent: 5 ECTS
Timing: semesters 4 - 6
Language: English
Curriculum: GLOBBA16
Course level: Specialisation Studies
Course type: elective

Starting level and linkage with other courses
Prerequisite: HRM1LF101 Basics of Human Resource Management or equivalent competence. BUS1LF101 Sustainable Business is recommended to be studied at the same time or before this course.

Learning outcomes
You know the key legislation regulating HR operations and you perceive labour law as part of the employment relationship. You can apply labour law, including collective agreements, in ordinary situations at work, and you are also familiar with the ethical approach of HRM. You master the main issues of labour law from recruitment to termination of the employment relationship, and you can apply your knowledge of ethical and legal HRM in Finland and internationally.


  • scope of labour law, work force options
  • collective agreements as part of labour law
  • terms of employment
  • working time
  • annual holidays
  • working environment, health and safety
  • cooperation within undertakings
  • termination of employment relationship
  • international employment contracts
  • EU labour law

Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)
If you have acquired the required competence in previous work tasks, recreational activities or on another course, you can show the competence with a demonstration and progress faster through your studies. More information and instructions for RPL are available at MyNet.

Cooperation with the business community
Company or trade union guest speakers and/or students interview a company representative of their own choosing and/or other feasible forms of cooperation.

Approach to the international scope of labour law is given in the form of EU law case studies and international conflicts of law principles.

Course formats
Contact and distant sessions or virtual course or educationalisation.

Students' performance is graded on the following scale: Excellent (5), Very good (4), Good (3), Satisfactory (2), Fair (1), Fail (0).
A link to the joint assessment grid. The assessment of one’s own learning.

Course teacher(s)
Satu Pitkänen

Learning materials
Materials to be announced in the implementation plan.