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BULATS (German Business Language Test)

BULATS (German Business Language Test)

Code: GER8LF003
Extent: 3 ECTS (81 h)
Timing: semester 1-7
Language: German and English
Level: Language level  A2/B1
Type: Free choice


The student has completed at least the courses German for Beginners 1 and 2 or has equivalent knowledge. This is a preparation course for professional German (A2).

Learning outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of the course, the student is prepared to participate in the internationally recognized language test BULATS  arranged in cooperation with the GOETHE-Institute in order to acquire the BULATS certificate. The certificate is recognized by international employers and German authorities and is beneficial when looking for work placements or job opportunities in German speaking countries.
  • The student gets acquainted with his/her German language level and knows the structure and testing methods of the BULATS test.
  • He/she will be acquainted with basic terminology in professional situations and basic grammatical structures.

Course contents

The purpose of this course is to prepare the student for the BULATS’ online test. The student will become familiar with the testing system of BULATS and practices helping to prepare for the test.

  • Exercises especially for reading and listening comprehension on level A2/B1
  • Review of the basics structures of German language
  • Vocabulary for professional situations

NOTE: The actual BULATS test is not part of the course. It will be completed in cooperation with the GOETHE-INSTITUTE after the course and has a fee (approx. 50-70 €) to be paid by the student.

Cooperation with the business community

Haaga-Helia and GOETHE-Institute Finland

International dimension

The completion of the course and the possible acquired certificate will support students’ possibility for a work placement outside Finland.

Teaching and learning methods

70 %  has to be done online (56 h). This includes all written assignments, online exercises, etc.

30 % is offered in contact sessions (32 h = 8x 4h)

A  minimum  of half of the contact sessions (4 times) should be attended.

Teachers with the main responsibility of the course

Eva Herttuainen
Claudia Jeltsch

Course materials

Provided by the teachers and the GOETHE-Institute

Assessment on the scale: 1-5