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Digital Service Design

Digital Service Design

Code: DIG4TF021
Scope: 5 ECTS (135h)
Timing: 3rd Semester (2. period)
Language: English
Course level: Profile studies
Course type: Elective

Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to understand how to create better services by utilizing existing technologies and API’s along with graphical design theories and principles 

  • He/she learns how to search and use existing technologies to implement a digital service.
  • He/she can use the existing graphical design theories to implement a digital service.
  • He/she can search and use the latest technologies to implement the digital service.


Topics to be covered in the course include the following:

  • Graphical design principles
  • Exiting technologies and APIs to develop a digital service
  • The latest development technologies for testing and evaluating the designs
  • Interface technologies  

Starting Level and linkage with other courses  

The student must have passed the course Introduction to Digital Services and introduction to software engineering   


Accepted course is evaluated with grades 1 to 5.  

Grade 1

Knows partially the digital service development components  

Grade 3

Knows the basic design principles and is familiar with development technologies.  The student is capable independently search for existing component to implement digital service. Additionally, the student is able to merge and utilize different technologies to develop digital service. The student has competence on graphical design principle.   

Grade 5

Student can elaborate different technologies and design principles applicability. Student can recommend the components and technologies based on the context of use of the digital service. Student can develop a digital service and integrate the developed service with open data. Student capable of analysing and recommending appropriate design principle based on the context of use of the digital service.  

Working life connections  

Real life business cases may be used on the course.


International materials and examples may be used on the course  

Learning methods  

This course may be completed by either:  
a. participating in contact lessons and completing the tasks given as either daytime, evening, or intensive implementations OR 
b. by participating in a working life project or another project OR
c. by taking an exam and/or turning in the learning assignments OR
d. by showing the requisite skills as acquired at work OR e. by taking part in a network-based course.  

A self-assessment will be required for completion of the course.   

Responsible teacher  

Amir Dirin