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Study and working skills

Study and working skills
  • Code: COM1TF010
  • Extent: 5 ECTS
  • Timing: Semesters 1 and 3, In the 1st  semester 3 ECTS, in the 3rd semester 2 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • Level: Core studies
  • Type: Compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses

No prerequisites

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student

  • can use Haaga-Helia’s student services and independently search the information s/he needs for her/his studies
  • knows the structure of her/his studies and the courses included in it and can lead her/his own actions so that s/he progresses in her/his studies according to the targets of Ministry of Culture and Education that is completing at least 60 ECTS in an academic year and graduating in the 3.5 years norm time
  • can operate constructively in her/his studying community, plan her/his professional future, evaluate her/his own strengths and development needs and can support her/his targets with her/his choices
  • can evaluate her/his progress and learning so far, determine her/his strengths, interests, targets for development and career. The student can market her/himself to the labor market and can build her/his contact network in a global environment.

Course contents

The first part of the course starts with the orientation days before the actual teaching begins and continues during the first period of the first semester.

Content of the first part:

  • Information systems, software and services, related to studying
  • Creating a Personal Study Plan (PSP) and career planning together with the Personal Study Advisor
  • Time management, group working skills
  • SWOT analysis of student’s strengths and targets of development

Content of the second part:

  • Creating a Personal Study Plan (PSP) and career planning together with the Personal Study Advisor
  • Reflection of learning, self-knowledge
  • Peer learning, support to other students, constructive attitude to studying,
  • CV, job application, rights and duties of an employee, working life skills

Cource material

PSP forms, Haaga-Helia’s public sites, MyNet
Pentti Sydänmaanlakka: Intelligent self-leadership

Cooperation with the business community

Academic Work, Tradenomiliitto, alumnies

Teaching and learning methods

Contact hours and meetings during the orientation days and a part of the course

International dimension

Briefing on exchange studies and double degree

Assessment criteria

Carefully completed course assignments: Preliminary assignment, Personal Study Plan and study progress according to PSP, SWOT, Career plan, Peer assessment, CV, job application

 Grade: Pass (H) / Fail (0)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

This course cannot be completed by recognition of prior learning.

Teachers responsible

Tarja Paasi-May
Kari Silpiö