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International Business Communication

International Business Communication

Code: COM1LF101
Scope: 5 ECTS
Timing: semester 1 for autumn 2018 and spring 2019 beginners, semester 3 for others
Language: English
Curriculum: GLOBBA16
Course level: Basic Studies
Course type: compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses
No prerequisites.

Learning outcomes
You communicate in an effective manner both in writing and orally to an audience from different cultural backgrounds. You have developed your business vocabulary in English, and learnt to find and discern high quality information from a variety of sources. You know how to refer to sources and avoid plagiarism. You have developed your critical thinking skills and convey convincing arguments.

You know how to communicate in meetings and effectively network and build relationships with the business community. You know your personal communication style and have developed your intercultural competence. You have strengthened your selling skills and public speaking.


  •  written communication skills (reports, emails, press release, quotation etc.)
  •  referencing, avoiding plagiarism
  •  idea formulation and argumentation
  •  information literacy, visualizing information
  •  meeting procedures
  •  business vocabulary
  •  interpersonal communication skills
  •  personal communication style
  •  group communication
  •  intercultural communication
  •  personal selling
  •  public speaking and networking skills

Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)
If you have acquired the required competence in previous work tasks, recreational activities or on another course, you can show the competence with a demonstration and progress faster through your studies. More information and instructions for RPL are available at MyNet.

Working life connections
Possible visiting lecturers and speakers. Possible company projects. In semester 3, the course is in close collaboration with Selling to Export Markets, so companies that work in conjunction with this course can be used as cases and sources/application of material.

The course is international in the composition of the students and the assignments are international in scope.

Course formats
Contact and distant sessions or educationalisation.

Students' performance is graded on the following scale: Excellent (5), Very good (4), Good (3), Satisfactory (2), Fair (1), Fail (0).
Link to the joint assessment grid. The assessment of one’s own learning.

Course teacher(s)
Anna Kimberley, Pia Tapio

Learning materials
Materials to be announced in the implementation plan.