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Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

You can study Open Path virtual courses in Haaga Campus during Academic Year 2017 - 2018. Please read more about open path


Fall  period 4 (1.9 -13.10)

Fall Period 5 (23.10-15.12)

Spring Period 1 (15.1-16.3)

Spring Period 2 (26.3-18.5)

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Business
5 cr: SOC1RZ002-1
Mia Tarhanen
Understanding Human Behaviour
5 cr: LEA1RZ001-11
Eija Kjelin
From Ideation to Feasible Business
5 cr: WOR2RZ001-9
Violeta Salonen
Creating Transformative Experiences
5 cr: EXP1RZ005-1
Violeta Salonen
Personal Communication Skills
3 cr: COM1RZ001-11
Karl Robbins
Experience Economy in Hospitality and Tourism
5 cr: ORI1RZ003-1
Violeta Salonen

Digital Marketing
5 cr: MAR2RZ001-8
Jussi Mertanen


Business Game Competition
5 cr: WOR2RZ003-2
Markus Häyhtiö

Marketing and Personal Selling
5 cr: MAR1RZ002-6
Jussi Mertanen


  Financial Accounting
5 cr: ACC2RZ001-9
Pekka Heikkilä
Accommodation Operations in Tourism
3 cr: HOT1RL001
Taina Pallonen
There are three implementations during the academic year, please choose one of these
HOT1RL001-2 during 1.9 - 15.12.2017
HOT1RL001-3 during 15.1 - 16.3.2018
HOT1RL001-4 during 18.3 - 18.5.2018
  Leading Virtual Teams
5 cr: LEA8RZ001-5
(starts during week 9)
Kari Nurminen

Basics of Finnish 1

Non-stop during academic year 2017 - 2018
3 cr: FIN1RZ006-1
Pekka Välilä

Basics of Finnish 2
Non-stop during academic year 2017 - 2018
3 cr: FIN1RZ007-1
Pekka Välilä

Total 62 credits (foreign students with no previous Finnish skills)
For Finnish Students 56 credits + free elective studies 4 cr = 60 cr

Enrollment begins from June 5th. Enrollments for Spring term courses takes place in January 2018.