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Course List - Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management, Vierumäki campus

Course List - Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management, Vierumäki campus
Degree Programme in Sports and Leisure Management, Bachelor education Code ECTS
  Personal development and professional growth SLFSD 30
    Personal learning profile SLF1SD002 3
    Personalized learning and development strategies SLF1SD003 6
    Professional learning and development strategies SLF1SD004 6
    Communication and language skills COM1SD002 15
      Finnish language and culture                                                                                            COM1SD002A 3
      German COM1SD002B 3
      Svenska i arbetslivet COM1SD002C 3
      Written english COM1SD002D 3
      Computing skills COM1SD002E 3
      Communication skills COM1SD002F 3
  Coach development COASD 70
    Sport and athlete analysis COA1SD001 15
    Short-term coaching program planning and implementation  COA1SD002 15
    Coaching profile 1 COA1SD003 5
    Long-term coaching program management COA2SD006 15
    Coaching methods development COA2SD007 15
    Coaching profile 2 COA2SD008 5
  Event and organizational management MGTSD 35
    Sports program planning and implementation MGT1SD001 8
    Sports organization analysis and development planning MGT1SD002 7
    Sports event management MGT1SD003 10
    Sports organization development program management MGT1SD004 10
  RDI competences METSD 15
    Information retrieval and evaluation MET1SD002 5
    Information collection and analysis MET1SD003 5
    Critical thinking and problem solving MET2SD004 5
  Elective studies ELE8SD 15
  Work placement PLA6SD 30
  Bachelor's thesis THE7SD 15
Total   210