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Manage your courses at Mynet

Manage your courses at Mynet


Check which courses you are accepted to

  • Go to ISP (on top left of the page)
  • Go to Enrolments.

  • Definitions:
    • Enrolment waiting for approval – courses which you have enrolled for, but the enrolment has not been confirmed by the teacher yet.
    • Enrolment approved  – courses which you have enrolled for and participation has been confirmed. Please note that some teachers only approve enrolments after the first lecture.

Cancel course enrolments

  • How to cancel your course enrollment: 
    • If your participation has not been approved by the teacher , you can cancel your enrollment yourself by clicking Cancel
    • If your participation has been already approved by the teacher  you will not be able to delete the course yourself. In this case, please contact the teacher of the course by e-mail to cancel your participation.

Overview page

  • Overview page shows your enrolment history, also the cancelled courses
    • Cancelled courses

Transcript of records (list of grades)

Official electronic transcript of records

Download your official electronic transcript of records (list of grades) from Mynet -> My Studies -> Certificates for Student

Haaga-Helia UAS does not send transcripts of records to exchange students or to their home universities anymore. The students are responsible for downloading the transcripts of records themselves.

We are using an electronic transcripts of records. The electronic transcript of records are PDF documents equipped with a digital signature to confirm their authenticity and integrity. The digital signature replaces handwritten signatures and stamps. Electronic documents are official only in their digital form and not as paper-printed copies. They cannot be modified, as any change made to the file invalidates the digital signature.

How to check the document’s validity:

The electronic transcript/certificate should be a valid alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper documents are used. Whatever the transaction, if the party concerned does not accept the digitally signed document, it is possible to request a signed and stamped paper document from Haaga-Helia International Office by sending email to

Check your completed courses and grades:

Go to My studies in MyNet (on top of the page) The click my certificates

You can order your transcript of records. After you ordered it, you can find it in my documents.