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Course Enrolment

Course Enrolment


  • The normal course load is 30 ECTS per semester. It is not recommend to take more than 35 ECTS. Haaga-Helia does not have a minimum course load requirement.
  • Each semester at Haaga-Helia includes two periods. Some courses run for 1 period, some for 2 periods. Please take this into consideration when planning your course schedule.
  • You should not choose courses which overlap!
  • Information on how to see for which courses you have been accepted to are available under How to manage your course enrollments.
  • Implementations may be canceled due to low number of participants, or they might be full due to large number of applicants.
  • Before enrolling, please read through the course selection guidelines under Studies!

Online course enrolment

Course registration is done online in Mynet during the enrollment time. Please enroll for the courses as soon as possible after the enrolment period has started! You will recive info about course enrollment by emial

How to enroll for courses: See this introduction video or read more below.

Logging in

  1. Credentials for course enrolment
    • User name is sent to you via email
    • Password is sent in a text message (make sure that your mobile phone number is correct on the student exchange application). Your password has various symbols and letters, it is recommended to copy-paste it from the text message.
  2. First you have to accept (remeber to click accept) the Study Agreement and Disclosure of Personal Information at
  3. After accepting the Study Agreement it will take a few hours to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you can log in to Mynet.

Course enrolment

  • Select courses you wish to enrol for from the course list of your home campus, remember to follow the course selection guidelines and check that the courses do not overlap.
  • Log in to Mynet.
  1. Go to ISP (on top left of the page)
  2. Go to Enrolments.
  3. You can search for courses by choosing "Search for courses".

  • You can search for courses with course code or name of the course. Please note that the last part of the course code refers to the timetable (e.g. GLO1LH101B-3006 and GLO1LH101B-3007 have a different timetable).
  • Once you have found the course you are looking for, press "Enroll".
  • All the courses you have enrolled for are listed under "Enrollments". Enrollments made by mistake can be cancelled by pressing "cancel". You can cancel your enrollments until your enrollment has been approved.

  • You do not have to send a request for course approval in Mynet. After course enrolment next step is to fill in a learning agreement and send it for approval.

Registration for courses is officially confirmed by attending the first meeting of the course. Therefore attending the first meeting is mandatory. If you are absent from the first meeting your enrolment from the course will be automatically canceled. If you arrive to Haaga-Helia after the courses have started, you should e-mail the teachers of your courses and inform them that you would like to take part in the course even though you are not able to attend the first lecture. The staff members’ email addresses at Haaga-Helia are always firstname.lastname(at) and the teacher’s name is mentioned in the course description in the course timetable.

For information on how to check if your enrollment has been confirmed, how to cancel your course, please see How to Manage Your Course Enrollments