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Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki Pasila Campus, Day Education, curriculum 2009

Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki Pasila Campus, Day Education, curriculum 2009


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Degree Programme in International Business in a Nutshell

Name of qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi
Level of qualification: Bachelor's degree
ECTS credits: 210 ECTS credits
Official length of programme: 3.5 years
Mode of study Full-time day programme
Programme requirements: General eligibility for higher education in Finland; Language skills as required in the joint application system to degree programmes conducted in English
General procedure for the
accreditation of prior learning:
See Haaga-Helia general rules for the accreditation of prior learning
Admissions requirements: Act of Polytechnics 9.5.2003/351 20§
Access to further study:

Profile of the Degree Programme in International Business

Why to Choose Haaga-Helia BBA in International Business, Helsinki Pasila?

Your aim is to

  • have a strong professional orientation to global business-to-business services.
  • acquire the variety of competences needed by a value creator, networker, project manager and sustainable developer  in global business.
  • be an expert in one of the key fields in global business such as in customer relationship management and communication, financial management, supply chain management or human resource management.
  • study in a truly multicultural environment in English.
  • develop yourself as a person and professional.
  • to improve and strengthen your professional knowledge and skills by full-time studying.

Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme

Haaga-Helia International Business graduates are highly competitive knowledge workers in the global labour markets. Graduates have the skills and broad-based know-how needed in global professional business-to-business services-focused projects and operations. They understand interactions between international economics and business environments and anticipate future trends and cope proactively with the volatility of global business environment. Graduates create value through proactive networking in international contexts. In addition, they manage and lead multinational projects using effective teamwork, time management, communications and negotiation skills. Acting in a socially responsible and ethical way is natural for their working.

As a result of the studies, the Haaga-Helia International Business graduates’ identity leans on four professional roles: a value creator to the organisation they work for, global networker, project team member and manager and sustainable developer with the specified competences. See also table 1.

Table1. Competence Profile of Haaga-Helia International Business Graduates

VALUE CREATOR IN GLOBAL BUSINESS Ability to learn Service, sales and entrepreneurial attitude Understanding of the big picture of the global economics and business environment
Ability to solve problems and find new solutions Risk awareness Knowledge on the legal regulations for international and global business
Ability to reflect one’s own strengths and development areas Profit orientation Skills to plan and effectively implement activities in  the area of specialization in global markets (global customer relationship management, supply chain management, financial management, HRM management – as chosen by the student)
Willingness to accept feedback and use it for development purposes Cost awareness  
Ability to manage and lead oneself Holistic thinking  
  Analytical skills  
  Research  and development skills  
PROJECT TEAM MEMBER AND MANAGER IN GLOBAL  BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT ICT-skills Effective multi-cultural team working skills in various roles Ability to plan, organize and carry out multicultural projects
Report writing  skills Team leading skills Ability to act and collaborate as community member
Presentation skills Conflict  and time management skills  
GLOBAL NETWORKER Ability to compromise Intercultural sensitivity Communication skills  in  several languages
Respect for others Collaboration skills Effective negotiating skills
  Community building skills  
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPER Ethical orientation Systemic thinking Knowledge on  sustainable business potential
Social awareness Ethical thinking
  Acting in a socially responsible way

Professional growth

In order to succeed in the complex international and global business environment, it is vital for the students to acquire not only business and personal literacy, but also social and cultural literacy. All these four components form an integrated foundation for the curriculum.

Students’ professional growth path is supported by the annual themes. The aim is to take the students from the orientation stage step by step towards their individually chosen specialisation studies.

The professional growth and awareness of continuously developing professional identity are essential factors in motivation to study and later on in success in business. The aim of the academic advising process is to help the students understand the steps in the professional growth path. The themes of the annual based performance discussions follow the core themes in the annual studies.

Annual themes

The annual themes in the DP in International Business curriculum are:

Year 1: My Orientation to Global Business Basics
Year 2: My Exploration for Global Business Opportunities
Year 3: My Specialisation in Global Business
Year 4: My Contribution to Global Business

Annual and semester based projects are used to integrate and prove skills and knowledge learned.

Table 2. Annual Themes in Haaga-Helia International Business Curriculum

1st YEAR
My Orientation to Global Business Basics
2nd YEAR
My Exploration for Global Business Opportunities
3rd YEAR
My Specialisation in Global Business
4th YEAR
My Contribution to Global Business
Key Product:
Business Plan
Key Product:
Internationalisation Plan/ Collaborative Project with the Local Community
Key Product:
High Performance Company
Key Product:
Bachelor’s Thesis
Semester 1:
Orientation to Learning and International Business
Semester 3:
Global Business-to-Business Services Know-how
Semester 5:
Networking  for Special Professional Competencies
Semester 7:
Creating Value through Bachelor’s Thesis
Semester 2:
Establishing a Business with an International Dimension
Semester 4:
Sustainability and Ethical Thinking in Business

Semester 6:
Networking with Global Business




The curriculum consists of five main parts:

  • Basic studies (60 credit points)
  • Professional studies (90 credit points)
  • Free-choice studies (15 credit points)
  • Work placement (30 credit points)
  • Thesis (15 credit points).

The professional studies are divided into two main sub-parts: Joint studies including language studies for all students and specialisation studies as chosen by the students.

The studies are largely structured by modules and integrated courses. The aim of the modules is to link separate courses into bigger entities. The integration of various academic course themes into one course provides better opportunities to approach complex global business issues from a holistic perspective.

The target time for completing the degree is seven semesters (3.5 years) for the full-time day students.

It is possible that some courses are delivered jointly with the evening programme.