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 "Everything was great organized ahead and at every moment of the International week! I will recommend this event to all my colleagues. The atmosphere was open so that an unforced and easy going exchange of ideas was encouraged. Thanks for enabled this experience!"

"It was a fantastic week - well organised and professionally run. The food at the various dinners was beyond my expectation and everyone was so welcoming and happy to help. I thought the balance of workshops and tours was just right to give me a little insight into the Finish culture. A big thank to you all involved you worked so hard and we all appreciated it. You have a University to be proud of and your students are a credit to you."

"It was really very great and amazing. I like the Finnish culture very much! The employee and the students are very motivated at Haaga Helia!"

"Very well organized and very open hospitable people all around. It was quite amazing to see the amount of people that was involved in the staff week, from rector to students, international services and chefs. There were many interesting learning outcomes -seeing the way Haaga-Helia works from the inside and meeting all the other participants especially stood out."

"An excellent Staff Week. Very well organized. Great variety of topics and staff members. Excellent lectures and presentations"