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Haaga-Helia offers exchange students excellent services in English, including arrival service, extensive orientation programme, accommodation in student dormitories, Finnish language & culture studies, personal study counseling and student tutors. During their free time students have plenty of trips, activities and events to choose from.

Students also have excellent facilities in their use such as modern library and information services, study and computer areas. Our campuses also offer affordable student cafes and restaurants, sports facilities. All students are entitled to discounts on travel, restaurant and other services with student card.


Facilites for students with disabilities and special needs

The needs of physically disabled mobile participants are taken into account in the facilities. Some of Haaga-Helia's older premises might be difficult to access when having a physical disability. Special exam arrangements can be made for disabled students to the extent that this is practically possible. Mobile students with special needs are advised to inform the International Services  (exch(at) about the needs already before arrival. Information concerning the health of students and staff is kept confidential.