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Degree Programme in Communication Management, Helsinki

Degree Programme in Communication Management, Helsinki

The Communication Management degree programme is designed to offer learning opportunities that enhance the skills and competencies of professionals working in the field of marketing, media or communications. Its design adheres to everyday business as well as communication disciplines most typically practiced in organizations (private/public) operating internationally and/or globally.

During the course of the programme, the students will learn skills that help them become trusted counselors and professionals within their respective communities. The hands-on approach with its intensive learning sprees aims to give students a solid basis on top of which they can build their careers and grow into leaders in their field.

Master’s degree studies that begin in August 2018

campus: Pasila

Alumni stories

I was interested in putting my management, strategic planning, and analytical skills into a communications context. I looked for an English-language program, taught in the evenings (so I could work), with an international outlook and practical approach to communications and business. I didn’t want a theoretical approach – instead I wanted to see practical impact in my day-to-day work. The Communication Management program delivered. I found welcoming classmates, engaged faculty and the opportunity to expand my professional network through guest speakers and my peers in the program. As a busy professional, I felt my time at Haaga-Helia was well spent and can recommend the program to others.

Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson
CEO, Amcham Finland


I applied for the Communication Management programme as I wanted a degree that supports my career in communications. Haaga-Helia offered a flexible way to complete a master's degree, and the curriculum consisted of a good mixture of communication, marketing and leadership studies.

Studying was very rewarding as the studies supported my career development and my work experience supported the studies. Networking with other professionals was a valuable addition, and I have stayed in contact with many of my fellow students. The thesis project offered me a great way to go deeper into an area of communications I was interested in and to add value to my employer of the time.

I encourage to apply for this programme and not to be afraid of the workload. All students have also other commitments and everything can be arranged as long as you are motivated to study. Success largely depends on your mindset.

This programme gave me a lot and was definitely worth every minute of my time!

Sanna Burton
Communication Manager, Visma


I wanted to deepen my communication competencies, and my friends recommended the Master’s Degree Programme in Communication Management in Haaga-Helia. Professional studies in the field of communication gave me valuable skills in strategic planning and leading communications. I also chose leadership and corporate social responsibility studies to meet future leadership requirements. Project management helped me to understand the complexity of major projects - and also gave tools to lead them.

I met many communication professionals through my studies, and made friends, too. Interaction with student colleagues gave me new perspectives and ideas to my current work.

It was the right decision to take part in this Master Programme as I got new responsibilities after graduation. I can highly recommend Communication Management in Haaga-Helia. Teachers do understand that sometimes it is not easy to combine work and studies but through open dialogue every obstacle was sorted out.

Tommi Vanha
Specialist, Brand Communication, UPM


Communication Management programme was a great experience – and it took me to the other side of the world! The curriculum gave me valuable insight into strategic planning and thinking, as well as the crucial "what to do - what not to do" for example in crisis communication and media relations. We also had lots of fun with my classmates, not to forget that I got good practice with my presentation skills during team assignments.

Haaga-Helia encouraged also to student exchange, and I applied as a free mover to Fudan University, Shanghai, for one semester. I'm still on that journey as I landed my dream job as a social project leader in H&M sustainability team in Shanghai.

Today I work with projects in China and Cambodia and use my new knowledge, skills and competencies every day. I graduated on May 2015, and I also got great support from the school on how to combine the new job in another country and the thesis.

Veera Sinnemäki
Project Leader Sustainability, H&M China


I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills, to build my professional network, and to gain a competitive advantage over other applicants looking for a new job. Communication Management offered me everything I was looking for.

In addition to communications, I gained leadership competencies. I was offered a new job in less than three months after graduating. I also enjoy my new network of talented comms professionals with whom I interact actively!

Mari Rihti
Marketing Manager, TeliaSonera Finland