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Sign up for StartUp Week on Nov 27th–Dec 1st

Sign up for StartUp Week on Nov 27th–Dec 1st

StartUp Week organized by Haaga-Helia’s StartUp School brings educational organizations and incubators together in Helsinki to get inspired, learn, benchmark and network.

How was the idea of StartUp Week born? When exporting education, Haaga-Helia has received feedback, that there is a growing global interest to learn more about the innovative learning concept of StartUp School and entrepreneur studies.

–So we wanted to answer to this need by providing easy access solution to get overview of our learnings and concept in a nutshell”, says Hannele Mennala, Head of StartUp School.

First three days of the StartUp Week one will get insight to entrepreneurial way of teaching and learning in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. There is going to be two inspiring floors as senior education expert, well-known author Pasi Sahlberg, and experienced StartUp leader Peter Vesterbacka were willing to join us. Last two days of StartUp Week one gets access to the world’s leading startup event SLUSH with 17,500 participants.

With this event StartUp School starts its education export.

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