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Returning to campuses can be done safely when working together responsibly

Returning to campuses can be done safely when working together responsibly

Haaga-Helia’s campuses reopened in June with certain limitations and at the same time, we started preparations for autumn semester. When returning to campuses in August, we will be using a so-called blended model.

Our goal is to normalize Haaga-Helia’s operations as much as possible and also clear some restrictions as it is possible in accordance with the instructions and recommendations from the authorities and ensuring everybody’s safety.

Returning to campuses will be possible when working together responsibly. Haaga-Helia’s safety measures include enabling and ensuring the safety distances in addition to enhanced hygiene and cleaning.

The first-year students are the primarily group who will be taught on-campus as they clearly need the most support in their studies. Concerning the orientation weeks, they will be organised mainly using the blended model as well.

We aim to reopen the cafeterias and campus restaurants taking into account the general safety instructions. We must halve the number of customers in the restaurants and some restaurants might not operate normally. Therefore, lunch time will be spread out differently in all campuses according to the instructions that will be communicated later.

The work or study-related oversea travel of students and personnel might be possible regarding the national and international safety instructions.

Returning safely to campuses

We will start the autumn semester with a so-called blended model, which means that education takes place both on campus and remotely. Less than half of the personnel and students can work simultaneously on our campuses.

This blended model guarantees that we can keep the one metre safety distance to others. Haaga-Helia requires that everyone follows this rule in elevators, in classrooms and offices as well as in personnel’s break rooms and restaurants. 

Haaga-Helia continues the enhanced cleaning of premises and the cleaners wipe the tables in study and work spaces daily. Also, the enhanced cleaning of toilets will continue.

However, we need to keep in mind that we all have an important role and the responsibility of everybody’s safety.

This means that we are all responsible for maintaining the hygiene of work equipment and avoid using several different workstations during the day in order to minimise the risk and to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Haaga-Helia’s units and campuses will decide independently how work will be conducted in practice using the blended model.


Health and risk groups

It might already be obvious for all that one cannot come to campuses when feeling sick. Also, the persons in high-risk groups should avoid studying at campus and discuss about the situation with a study advisor and with the teacher responsible of the study module.

These instructions apply also for those people who live in the same household with a person in high-risk groups.

When is it possible to work on campuses:

  • No less than seven days after you have been infected with a respiratory infection or suspected of COVID-19 infection and you have had no symptoms during the last three days.
  • 14 days after you (or a person living in the same household) have been ill due to diagnosed coronavirus disease and you (or the other person) have had no symptoms during the last three days.
  • You have not been in the same space with a person diagnosed with coronavirus disease during the last 14 days.

In case of illness or any case mentioned above, we recommend you to follow the instructions from Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL). 


More information

Haaga-Helia will create a working group for treating the questions related to coronavirus situation. Service director Kari Salmi will lead the group, other members are HR director Hanna Ilmonen, vice president Minna Hiillos and the campus representatives.

The working group is prepared also for rapid changes in the situation and updates our policies for autumn semester after 21 August at latest, also earlier if required.

More information about the start of autumn semester and about August will be communicated during the summer.