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New students, you’re welcome to the library!

New students, you’re welcome to the library!

Welcome to Haaga-Helia and our library! We provide you with reliable information based on research, in printed and electronic form. You can work and read in the library. Library staff will help you with using the library and searching information.

First you should apply for a library card. You can do it online and then pick it up in the library. Remember to bring your ID. Library card is personal and you need to show it everytime you borrow books.

Each campus has its own library and you can check the opening hours in the front page of HH Finna. In addition to customer service hours we have self-service libraries in Haaga, Malmi, Pasila and Porvoo. During self-service hours you can use the library on your own, even though the staff is not there. You can borrow and return with the machine and pick up your reservations, if you have agreed to use self-service reservations. For Pasila self-service library you need a key card and for Haaga self-service library a Flexim key, which you can get from the janitors for a 10 euro deposit.

HH Finna is our online library, where you can for example search for information, request books and renew your loans. Haaga-Helia students should sign in to the online library with Haaga-Helia user name, which gives you a permission to use e-resources also from home. Remember to connect your library card to your account the first time you sign in, so that you will see your personal information, your loans and your requests. In your profile you have a mobile library card, which you can use to borrow just like a physical library card. You can take a screen shot of your mobile card for easy access. Remember to keep both your physical card and the possible screen shot of the mobile card safe.

Library staff is happy to help you. Welcome to visit the library!

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