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New database: ch-aviation PRO

New database: ch-aviation PRO

Get access to ch-aviation PRO by creating a personal account, see instructions. The database offers:

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Search through and get access to profiles for over 5,000 airlines and aircraft operators worldwide.

Access data on the 6,500 airports worldwide that are commercially served or otherwise relevant. Data includes based-operators and even aircraft stored.

Get access to our detailed aircraft production lists with over 50,000 aircraft around the world currently being tracked including aircraft details as well as engine information.

Get Aircraft Legal Ownership details. It offers information such as portfolio’s, specific types and the number of aircraft an entity owns.
Coverage currently extends to 440 Aircraft Legal Owners worldwide with more being added every week.

Complete access to Routes and Schedules for the vast majority of scheduled airlines in our database.

Search and display detailed capacity, frequency, and market-share information for airlines and airports worldwide.

Terms of use of ch-aviation PRO.