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Krea Spring School 2018 creates promotional videos for Helsinki City Bike Service

Krea Spring School 2018 creates promotional videos for Helsinki City Bike Service

Design by Mika Räsänen

Creative Agency Krea’s annual international week Krea Spring School hosts 45 international students and teachers on Haaga-Helia Pasila Campus on 14 -18 May. During the week, the students plan and produce promotional video stories for Helsinki City Bike Service based on a project brief given by HSL, HOK-Elanto, and Clear Channel.

The collaboration partners of Krea Spring School are Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), Karel de Grote University College (Belgium), Avans University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), and Budapest Business School (Hungary).

Inspirational Storytelling from a Promotional Angle

The focus of the week is on customer-centric branding, creative planning, hands-on storytelling and video-making. The participants are divided into six multicultural student teams whose objective is to script and produce captivating video stories to promote Helsinki City Bikes to young travellers.

The clients behind the project brief are the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL), HOK-Elanto, and Clear Channel. In their video story, each student team will exemplify a given promotional angle related to Helsinki city bikes. The angles are 1) Helsinki City Bike Service as an ecological, quick, and fun means of transport, 2) Alepa stores as easily accessible urban service providers, and 3) Clear Channel as an active contributor to innovative smart city solutions.

Source: HSL

Krea Students in Charge

There are altogether 60 students and coaches from 13 different countries working for and at Krea Spring School in spring term 2018. In addition to the actual Krea Spring School teams, Krea students from other courses are also involved in managing the event as concept planners, promoters, and organizers.

The video instructor and coach for the Spring School teams is Krea alumni student and entrepreneur Thomas Halloran from Video Agency Ikimedia. In addition, the concept of this year’s team-building event (Krea Spring School Outdoor Adventure) was created by Krea students in autumn term 2017.


International Collaboration

Krea Spring School is organized annually in mid-May with regular visiting lecturers from Haaga-Helia partner universities in Hungary, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This year, the visiting lecturers and team coaches are Alexandra Fodor (Budapest Business School), Marc Clerkx (Thomas More), Guido Everaert and Evan Van Lissum (Karel de Grote), and Reinier Willers (Avans).