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“Great service, great staff!” – library user survey results

“Great service, great staff!” – library user survey results

Finnish universities of applied sciences completed a joint user survey of their libraries in the form of a web survey 9 Mar – 15 Apr 2020.  The response rate on part of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences was active: we received 1,248 responses.

Our customers were generally very pleased with our services: our overall success rating was 4.5/5. Our visitors felt that library services were very important, with a rating of 4.7/5.

Special thanks were given to our staff competences, service orientation and ease of reach. In the open feedback, the expertise and helpfulness of our staff received lots of praise.

Respondents were most unsatisfied with the usability of the online library (HH Finna).

The library’s basic mission, i.e. making it easier to find information, has had a favourable impact on studies and working. The library has helped its customers to find the information they need in their studies/work and provided materials that have a positive impact on studies/work. Our e-collections ease the gathering of information and our e-services support studies/work. 

In addition to measuring customer satisfaction and service impact, the survey sought to discover whether customers would recommend Haaga-Helia library and its services to other students/colleagues. The main reasons for recommending us were our professional and service-oriented staff, flexible and easy to use services, broad and versatile collections as well as good location. The detractors wished for longer opening hours (also during weekends) and more streamlined self-service. There was also a wish for more e-books.

Our customers were also asked to think what the impact on studies/work would be if the university did not have a library. There were plenty of responses (837) and nearly 100% felt that the impact would be negative: study periods would get longer, the quality of work would suffer, the cost of studying would go up and doing research and course planning would become more difficult.

The survey generated a record amount of open feedback and valuable information for the development of our premises and services. Many development actions will have to wait until the post-coronavirus period, but many others can be immediately put into practice. Comprehensive development actions will be itemised in the 2021 operating plan.

We will inform about our development actions in different channels during the term. The key issues in development are library premises and equipment, HH Finna e-library, collections and information retrieval teaching and guidance. More information about our survey in this report.

We are happy to get feedback and hear our customers’ suggestions for improvement.