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The first steps of the Experience Designer training have been taken

The first steps of the Experience Designer training have been taken

Staff and students in the Experience and Wellness Economics (EWE) unit at Haaga-Helia  started a project in which the new Experience Designer training is co-created. The 2-day kick-off workshop at Vierumäki 6-7.2.2018 campus joined together 20 students and 5 teachers from Haaga, Porvoo and Vierumäki campuses. The planning project during the spring 2018 makes use of service design tools and aims at co-creating the structure for this unique training together with different stakeholders.

The aim is to create a unique learning concept combining the competence areas in the EWE-unit with the future needs of worklife and students and to develope services in the experience and wellness industry.

During the spring 2018, the participants in the planning project work on identifying the main competence areas and most relevant working methods for the Experience Designer training. The new training will start during the autumn 2018 and is especially directed towards second semester students.

Working group:

Alhonen Marika, Lecturer, Porvoo campus
Ascenção Mário Passos, Principal Lecturer, Haaga campus
Häkkilä Erkki, Lecturer, Vierumäki campus
Rauhala Maritta, Lecturer, Haaga campus
Räihä Kalle, Lecturer, Porvoo campus