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A Finnish degree programme is delivered overseas - Haaga-Helia launches a four-year programme in Mexico

A Finnish degree programme is delivered overseas - Haaga-Helia launches a four-year programme in Mexico

This August, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences launched a Bachelor’s degree programme in Mexico. The four-year Degree Programme in International Business is delivered in cooperation with the Mondragón University in Querétaro, and is one of the first Finnish degree programmes that can be completed fully in another country.

Starting initially with fifteen students, the Degree Programme in International Business is tailor-made to the needs of employers and entrepreneurs in Latin America. The core subjects are customer relationship management, communications and supply chain management. The programme offers Finnish best practices and pedagogical and curricular expertise with a strong international focus that allows students to spend part of their studies in other countries including Finland and China.

“We are delighted to have this cooperation with Haaga-Helia. We share the same values and a common approach to the development of teaching and learning. Haaga-Helia is an academically and pedagogically innovative institution with a human-centred, practical and solution-focused approach. It is a perfect partner for us,” says Mondragón University Rector Arturo Alvarado.

“This is an important opening for Haaga-Helia and Finnish education exports. We see great opportunities in this area, and future growth will come from the international market. Degree exports offer a flexible way to sell our education products to other countries. The global education market is worth around €3.3 trillion. The biggest demand – as much as 90 percent – is in degree education. The value of Finnish education exports is expected to reach €350 million by 2018. Our aim is to keep growing as an international university of applied sciences. In our education exports, we have always taken profitability as the starting point. We want to compete on quality and courses delivered to a high standard – not on price. The Finnish education brand is very strong, and we have built excellent consortia to service a variety of markets and needs,” says Haaga-Helia President Teemu Kokko.

Students are required to pass a detailed admission process that incorporates both Finnish and Mexican entry requirements. The programme will be delivered by teachers from both Haaga-Helia and Mondragón, and the intention is to continue developing the programme further. Mondragón University is a private cooperative university and part of the Mondragón Corporation, which is based in the Basque Country in Spain. The corporation encompasses 260 enterprises and employs 80,000 people around the world. In 2016, Mondragón Corporation, Alecop and the Mondragón University established the Mondragón Education International, which operates universities in Mexico and Columbia and four higher education centres in Saudi Arabia.

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