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A Finnish degree that brings two countries together

A Finnish degree that brings two countries together

Approximately three weeks ago fourteen students flew all the way from the other side of the Atlantic to visit Haaga-Helia and Finland. The students were brought here by the International Business Degree Program. The four-year programme is delivered in cooperation with the Mondragón University in Querétaro, and is one of the first Finnish degree programmes that can be completed fully in another country.

During the first few weeks, the students have attended classes at Haaga-Helia and visited, among others, the Mexican Embassy, ​​various companies and Finnish tourist destinations.

- So far it has been great! We have visited for example Roihuvuoren puisto, Tuomiokirkko, Uspenskin katedraali, Suomenlinna and many others. Our contacts here at Haaga-Helia have been very helpful. Also the tutors have been very welcoming. For example they have invited us to barbeque and to play football, the students commented.

The Bachelor’s degree programme was launched by Haaga-Helia in Mexico in 2017. The first generation visited Haaga-Helia last year. Similar to them, the new generation have participated the classes with the Finnish International Business programme students. They also have had the rare opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Finnish language.

- It was really interesting to learn Finnish. The language is difficult but the teacher was good, so we learned a lot in just four classes.

The following weeks the students will be studying for example ICT, business, supplier chain management and hr. The studies continue with the same applied method as in Mexico.

- The programme is very different from the ones we usually have in Mexico. We have worked a lot in teams and with projects that have been done in an authentic environment. Through this we have been able to acquire skills that are needed in our future careers and to form real contact with the business world.

The students are now about a half way through their visit but they still have a lot ahead of them. They will continue to get acquainted with Finnish culture and will have a lot of stories to take home with them. And hopefully we have also learned something from them.


The Degree Programme in International Business

The Degree Programme in International Business is tailor-made to the needs of employers and entrepreneurs in Latin America. The core subjects are customer relationship management, communications and supply chain management. The programme offers Finnish best practices and pedagogical and curricular expertise with a strong international focus that allows students to spend part of their studies in other countries including Finland and China.

The programme is also available in Pasila campus. Learn more about the International Business Degree programme>>