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Autumn 2018 thesis scholarship winners have been announced

Autumn 2018 thesis scholarship winners have been announced

The best theses of Haaga-Helia have been once again selected. Scholarship certificates were given at the last graduation ceremonies of the semester.

This time, one teacher’s choice and two theses of the year were selected in addition to 14 other thesis winners.

The thesis competition of autumn 2018 invited to participate all who met the following criteria:

  • The thesis has been graded as Excellent (5/5).
  • The thesis is registered between 4.6.2018 and 4.12.2018.

The selection included only those who were registered for the competition through the registration link. The selection included all who’s registration met the selection criterion.

The selection was made by a jury that represented Haaga-Helia's strategic direction, degree programs and thesis work guidance.

All thesis that were registered to enter the competition were estimated excellent, hence the excellence of the work was not considered as the only evaluation criteria. The selection highlighted versatility and topical subjects as well as interesting themes and phenomena.

The scholarship recipients will receive an email with instructions on practical arrangements.

Congratulations to scholarship recipients!

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