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Apply to Haaga-Helia with the SAT test!

Apply to Haaga-Helia with the SAT test!

As an alternative to entrance examinations you can apply to Haaga-Helia with the SAT test.

January 2019 intake: Application period 1 June to 28 September 2018

During the application period you can apply for the following bachelor's degree programmes:

BBA in Aviation Business (Porvoo campus)
BBA in Business Information Technology (Pasila campus)
BBA in International Business (Pasila campus)
BBA in International Sales and Marketing (Porvoo campus)

In the application period for the January 2019 intake all applicants who earn the required minimum points (500 points Evidence-based reading and writing and 500 points Math) will be accepted. Applicant will be notified of the result of the student selection as soon as the application has been processed.

Applying with the SAT test:

1. Take the SAT test and order the official test result

  • Take the test in sections Evidence-based reading and writing and Math on one of the test dates. Check the test dates and register here Only the new SAT-test taken after March 2016 is acceptable.
  • Order the official SAT score report from the test organiser to be delivered to Haaga-Helia, the code for Haaga-Helia UAS is 7098.
  • Reports printed or sent by the applicant him/herself are not acceptable.
  • You must attain at least 500 points per section (Evidence-based reading and writing, Math).

2. Fill in the online application form at and attach the required educational certificates to your application during the application period.

  • Eligibility for Bachelor's degree programmes: higher secondary education.

3. Get notification of the student selection result within a couple of weeks.

  • You will be notified of the selection result as soon as you have submitted the required certificates and your application has been processed.

Admission criteria of each degree programme will be published at later this spring.

We offer a 25 % 'Early Bird' discount of the tuition fee for the first semester for students accepted through SAT selection who confirm the offered study place and pay the tuition fee within 14 days of acceptance. 

More information of tuition fees in Haaga-Helia.