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Accessing the Pasila Library during self-service hours

Accessing the Pasila Library during self-service hours

Haaga-Helia students can access the Pasila Library with students’ key cards at 7.30-21.15 on working days and on Saturdays at 8-15.30 The library staff are available during library opening hours.

You can get the students’ key card from Pasila Library by paying a 20 € deposit. Payment only in cash. You’ll have to activate the students’ key card at Pasila Info. You must have your student card or valid student certificate and your photo Id with you when activating the key card.

The access to the library is via the main entrance. The card holder is not allowed to let other people to enter the library. The premises have a video monitoring system. The Haaga-Helia premises must be exited on working days at 21.30 at the latest and on Saturdays at 15.30 at the latest.

During self-service hours you can borrow and return books using self-service machines and pick up reservations. You can study and work in the library and use computers, scanners and printers.

In problem situations, please contact Info, tel. 0400230404.

There are self-service hours also at Haaga, Malmi, and Porvoo libraries. More information on self-service hours and access to self-service libraries.