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3UAS libraries to combine collections – changes for all customers of Haaga-Helia library

3UAS libraries to combine collections – changes for all customers of Haaga-Helia library

Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia libraries (3UAS-libraries) will introduce a joint library system in May 2019. Customer registers, printed collections, and library rules will be unified. This will mean changes in loan periods and library fees.

What will change?

All 3UAS libraries are at your service
•    Haaga-Helia’s library card can be used also at Metropolia and Laurea libraries
•    The print collections and facilities of the three libraries are at your disposal
•    You can return material to any 3UAS libary and make requests from any 3UAS library
•    You can continue using HH Finna. In the future, you’ll see also the collections of Laurea and Metropolia on HH Finna
•    You can renew all loans from 3UAS libraries on HH Finna  

Unified loan periods
•    general collection (28 days)
•    course books (14 days)
•    reference collection (0 days)

Unified fees
•    The overdue fine for all loans is 0,50 € / loan/ day
•    Reservations not picked up 2 €
•    Fees will come into effect after the unification of the library systems

The pick-up time for reservations will get shorter
•    Reservations should be picked up within 4 days

What do you need to do?

Library customers will receive soon an email message with more detailed information on the transfer of customer informatio to the joint library register. If you consent to the transfer, you do not need to do anything.

On 13.–19.5.2019 there will be a break in library services, due to the combining of the library systems. During the break you will not be able to renew loans, make reservations or pay library fees. It is therefore recommended that you return all loans you no longer need well before the service break. you can check your loans on HH Finna.

Please check that your customer information is up-to-date. If you have not linked your library card to HH Finna, you should do it now (instructions). Make sure the contact information library has for you is correct, so that you will receive our announcements on the change.

We will provide more information on the changes later. The most recent information on the changes are collected here.