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3AMK and EduExcellence featured in learning festival Dare to Learn

3AMK and EduExcellence featured in learning festival Dare to Learn

Learning festival Dare to Learn was organized on 18-19 September in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, and 3AMK was quite well presented in the event.

​Dare to Learn gathered a vast and international group of experts to discuss the future of learning.

Teemu Kokko, the CEO and president of Haaga-Helia, gave a speech during the event titled "Mapping the competences of the future". In his speech, Kokko spoke about the ongoing transformation in education and learning and what universities of applied sciences should do to keep up with the changing society.

After the speech, he discussed the possibilities and challenges of artificial intelligence with Harri Ketamo, the CEO of an AI company called Headai.

EduExcellence presented their global training and educational services at a booth in the festival's Education Finland area. EduExcellence's education export and other services raised a lot of interest among the visitors.

The minister of education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen opened the festival on Tuesday. Besides that, there were a lot of keynote speeches, workshops, chats and discussions as well as universities, organizations and companies presenting their services.

Watch the video of Teemu Kokko's speech and the panel discussion below.