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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Library card and your information
Borrowing, renewing and reserving
Facilities and equipment
E-resources and their use

Library card and your information

How do I get a library card for the Haaga-Helia Library?
You can apply for a library card by filling out the registration form online or at the library and showing a form of identification. Registration forms are available at the customer service desks of each library.

What should I do if my contact information changes?
You must contact the library directly to make changes to your contact information, as the systems (e.g. the Haaga-Helia's student information system (Peppi/MyNet) and library's customer register) are not linked. You can do this using the Changes in personal information form on the library’s website.

I've lost my library card. What now?
If you lose your library card, notify the library immediately. Use the online form, phone us or visit the library. Everyone is responsible for materials loaned with their card until the library has marked the card as lost.

I’m not receiving email messages from the library. Why?

  1. your email address in the library system could be wrong
  2. your inbox could be full
  3. the emails could be in your spam folder
  4. check your computer’s security settings

If you have problems receiving email messages, get in touch with the library.

I'm a student at Aalto University. Can I use the Haaga-Helia library?
Yes. Our library is open to everyone. To borrow books, you need to get our library card.

Borrowing, renewing and reserving

Are theses available for loan?
Theses can be loaned from the library’s branches in Haaga (works published since 2005), Malmi, Pasila, and Porvoo. Unfortunately theses are not available for loan at Vierumäki. The loan period for theses is 14 days, and loans can be renewed in the same way as with books.

How do I renew a loan?
Loans can be renewed

  1. online on HH Finna
  2. by emailing your loan renewal request, stating your library card number
  3. at the library’s customer service desk.

According to HH Finna, I still have loans, although I’ve returned them a long time ago.
The library system was renewed on  20.5.2019. If you use Haka login and haven’t reconnected your library card to HH Finna after the system change, your loans have not been updated correctly. Reconnect your library card like this: First click Haka login. Then go to 'Your account' > 'Library cards' > Disconnect library card > Connect library card.
If you have reconnected your library card and your HH Finna account still shows loans you have returned, please contact the library.

I tried to log in to my account in HH Finna to renew my loans, but there is a service break. What should I do?

1. Please try again later
2. Contact the library immediately by e-mail.

How many books can I borrow at a time?
The number of items you can borrow is unlimited.

Can I return Haaga-Helia’s books to other libraries?

Haaga-Helia's books can only be returned to the branches of the Haaga-Helia, Laurea, or Metropolia libraries.

How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can easily be made in HH Finna, see video instructions.


Is it possible to pay charges on late returns with a debit or credit card?
Accepted payment methods at the Pasila campus library also include debit cards as well as Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard and Maestro. At Haaga, Malmi and Porvoo Campus libraries we accept only debit cards as well as credit cards. At the Vierumäki branch, only cash payments are accepted.

Alternatively, you can pay library charges on HH Finna. Please notice that the minimum payment that you can pay on HH Finna is €1,00. More information about Fees.

I have received a payment demand from Lowell collection agency. Can I still return my overdue items to the library?
Yes you can. However, if you have already sent payment to Lowell, you can no longer return the overdue items in question.

Facilities and equipment

Where can I scan? How about copying?
Scanners and black&white printers/copy machines are available for use at all of our libraries. Some campuses also provide colour printers/copy machines. More information on equipment and facilities.

Does the library offer Wi-Fi access?
The Wi-Fi network of Haaga-Helia can be accessed at our libraries in Haaga, Malmi, Pasila, Porvoo, and Vierumäki. Wi-Fi access is only available to Haaga-Helia's staff, students and visitors. For further information about Wi-Fi access, see the student MyNet.

E-resources and their use

I haven’t been able to access the MOT Dictionaries service from my computer at home. The service asks for my login details. Why?
You can access e-resources provided by the library from your home computer via HH Finna. First, you must first log in to HH Finna with your Haaga-Helia user ID and password. 


How do I send feedback to the library?
Each library branch has a feedback box. Alternatively, you can give feedback using the online feedback form on the library’s website or by contacting customer service.