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Electronic materials terms of use

Electronic materials terms of use

Haaga-Helia students and staff can use the e-materials made available by the library on any computer connected to the Haaga-Helia network.

The materials can be accessed remotely by logging in with Haaga-Helia username and password. 

Customers visiting Haaga-Helia library can access the e-materials via computers reserved for customer use.

The library has acquired user rights to a variety of e-materials, including article databases, reference databases and e-books. These rights have been acquired through the Finnish National Electronic Library (FinELib) nationwide rights programme, as well as through Haaga-Helia library's own acquisitions.

FinELib's material-specific terms of use are available on the FinELib website, in the contract agreement summaries, as well as on the FinELib user rights table. Information on the terms of use relating to materials acquired independently by Haaga-Helia is available from the library.

E-materials use is also governed by the relevant rules relating to the use of Haaga-Helia information systems, data network, as well as other information services.

Please remember that the terms of use of e-materials determine in detail

  • How and for what purpose the e-material may be used
  • Who may use the material
  • The physical location (place of use) where the material may be used

In general, the conditions of use exclude all commercial purposes (e.g. commercial tuition services)

The user is always responsible for reading the conditions of use, and they must be read before using the e-material in question. Copyright legislation does not recognise the concept of “good faith" (i.e. if a person does not know or hasn't read the content of the conditions of use, it does not relieve him/her from liability for the misuse or unlicensed use of the material).