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Register document

Register document

Personal Data Act (523/99), Section 10
Compilation date: 1 January 2007
Updated: 2 February 2014


1. Upkeeper of the register

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Library and Information Services

Ratapihantie 13, 00520 HELSINKI

2. Person in charge of the register and/or contact person

Eeva Klinga-Hyöty

Ratapihantie 13
Puh. 040 488 7501

3. Name of the register Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences library customer register
4. Purpose of use of personal information / purpose of the register

The library uses the register for monitoring loans and loaning rights as well as the compilation of statistics.

All personal information is handled in accordance with Section 8 of the Personal Data Act.

5. Information contained in the register

The register contains the following customer information: name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, customer relationship start date, library card number, customer group and statistical group. The register contains information on the customer’s outstanding loans, reservations, payments as well as information on charges and actions pertaining to overdue materials. A customer’s loan-specific information is deleted from the register once a loan is returned.

6. Standard information sources

The customer fills in a sign-up form, including signature. The customer’s identity is verified by means of an identity card with photo. The customer is responsible for notifying of any changes in personal information. Library staff may verify address information from the student administration system and public address registers.

Customer information is also initialized to the customer register from the student administration system for those students who have given permission to release their personal and address information to Haaga-Helia Library.

7. Surrender of personal information and surrender of information outside the EU or the European Economic Area Information on a customer's overdue or lost materials charges can be surrendered to the collection agency used by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Information is not surrendered or transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.
8. Principles governing the protection of the register

A. Manually saved information (safekeeping and protection)

Customer sign-up forms are stored in binders in the library in a locked place. The information is kept confidential due to the confidentiality obligation.
B. Electronically saved information

Electronically saved information is saved on a server (CSC), and the information can only be accessed by designated persons with a password. Standard protection methods are used for the protection of electronically saved information. The information is kept confidential due to the confidentiality obligation.

9. Verification Upon request, persons recorded in the customer register have the right to verify that the information about them is correct and up-to-date. Such a verification request can be made to library staff either in person or in writing. The information can be verified immediately once the requester's identity has been proven. The register does not contain information that would give reason not to complete such a verification request.
10. Correcting and updating  information contained in the register Customer information is corrected and updated without delay upon customer notification. The information will be updated by the library staff.
11. Removing information from the customer register Expired customer information is removed from the register annually. Customer information remains in the register for about five years after the last check-out transaction.