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Other studies

Other studies

Virtual Exchange autumn 2020

Haaga-Helia pilots virtual exchanges and thus, offers students the possibility to join us virtually and complete courses that award them with credits. Students can enjoy the multicultural learning environment without traveling.

The Virtual Exchange courses are free of charge and available only for the students in Haaga-Helia's partner schools.

General eligibility criteria: CEFR B2 English, relevant study background and the ability to participate in courses conducted in virtual platforms. As this is a virtual exchange pilot, we will accept a maximum of 30 students for virtual exchange in autumn semester 2020. 

The courses do not require participation in live lessons, which allows students from all time zones to complete courses similarly. Some courses involve group work/discussions that should be done during a certain time period, eg. a week’s time, but those meetings can be organized according to the students’ own schedules.

Students will receive more information about applying form their home institution's international coordinator by the end of July 2020. International coordinator, please contact if you have questions regarding the Virtual Exchange or want to receive the application instructions.

Course selection will be updated in early August. Enrolment for courses starts in the beginning of August. 

Course list for Virtual Exchange in autumn 2020

Haaga-Helia online studies autumn 2020

Please see the file below to view our online course offering for all Haaga-Helia students. These courses are available for students on a traditional exchange period on one of our campuses.

Course list online studies 2020

Finnish language and culture studies

Online material

  • UUNO language learning material is created primarily to teach foreign exchange students something about the Finnish language and culture before coming to Finland.
  • Easyfinnish is an elementary online course meant for anyone interested in learning Finnish. You can do exercises, listen to audios, play a game, discuss things with others or test your skills.

Haaga-Helia courses

Haaga-Helia organizes Finnish courses for exchange students each semester.

StartUp School

Incoming exchange students can also take some of Haaga-Helia's StartUp School's courses in Helsinki, for example WarmUp Parade, Idea Contest, SUS Volunteer and Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset, when they are available. If you wish to take one of these courses, please attend StartUp School's info session to find out which course is suitable for you.

Summer School

Haaga-Helia UAS Summer school will take place in July-August.